Saturday, October 13, 2012

October Meeting Recap

Upcoming Events:
  • Register for QuiltCon in Austin, TX (Feb. 21-24) - see for more info! Enter your modern quilts into the show HERE (the call for entries is until Nov. 30).
  • November Meeting - Tues., Nov. 13 at Pennington Quilt Works, 7 pm
  • November Sewcial - Sun., November 18, 10-4 PM at Pennington Quilt Works, RSVP here (and more info). 7 people have already responded and are bringing machines - that means there is space for about 3 more machines! You can always bring hand work and join us, too! :)
  • Homemade gift exchange within the guild - will happen in January, more info at Nov. and Dec. meetings
  • First, we introduced ourselves by discussing which quilting events we had been to. This turned into a lengthy and informative discussion - especially for those of us (*raises hand*) that have been to few or none!

    September-October 2012 144

  • Janet Bergman shared her quilts and her quilting journey, which included her fabulous ribbon quilts. You can find her website here!

    September-October 2012 137
  • We discussed some of the way we carry our products on the go. Judi showed us her (clean :) )pizza, and wipes box methods, Janneke showed off her make up bages and the wallet she made from an unused block, which holds her needles and pins.

  • We also talked about using coffee tins (especially for retreats and classes), prescription bottles (for the tiniest notions/projects), and even toolboxes. Finally, Jessica L. shared her obsessive usage of Enviro bags, which fold up very small and can hold a project each. I know I have some ideas now!
  • Our October challenge was to make a quilt out of the modern blocks, which were swapped in September. Our guild members (in one month!) produced some GORGEOUS quilts (seriously, gorgeous)!

    September-October 2012 152
    September-October 2012 157

    September-October 2012 164

    September-October 2012 154

    September-October 2012 160
Finally, we had show and tell. We had a late meeting this time, but there was a lot going on!

September-October 2012 159 September-October 2012 167 September-October 2012 165

September-October 2012 163

November meeting lineup (will be reposted closer to meeting):
  • Swap: Potholders (set of 2 or a double one) - use insulated batting if you can, or several layers of regular batting, so no one burns themselves! Try to use a modern design.
  • Jessica L. will share her experience at Quilt Market and hopefully have some giveaways, too!
  • Jess (me!) will be giving you a tour of the modern blogging world, and I will showcase some of your favorite blogs/websites (email me at if you have some suggestions!)
  • Spotlight on Kathleen
Thanks! I'll be back soon with links from the last meeting (and a links tab at the top of the page), more online member spotlights, and Modern Mondays will be back! Yay!

-Jess H. (now Jess S. :) )