2023 Guild QAL

 Welcome to the CJMQG 2023 Improv QAL 

This Quilt-a-Long is designed to help you explore improvisational piecing and create an improvisational quilt.  Each month for 10 months, starting in January, there will be a different technique or theme to explore using free on-line resources which will be provided with the theme.  

After the 10 months you will have created 10 improv blocks.  Then you will have from November through March to put your blocks together as a quilt. Share your finished quilt at the March 2024 meeting for a chance to win a prize for completing the QAL!

This QAL is for all levels of quilters. Some months the theme may not appeal to you, it’s your choice if you want to use every prompt, or if you’d prefer to focus on, and make multiple blocks from the prompts that appeal to you, but to be considered for the QAL prize, you need to include all 10 prompt/theme blocks in your quilt.

How it Works:

  • Choose your color palette for the quilt/project you wish to create. This will help bring cohesiveness while you experiment with improvisational themes. While you may use any fabric you wish, you may want to try working with solids and low-volume fabrics, adding just one, or a few “zinger” fabrics. 

  • Determine and have on hand enough fabric for the finished project you want to create.  

  • The monthly theme will be revealed at the monthly CJMQG meeting, and on our Groupworks forum the day after. Themes will be introduced for 10 months (January - October)

  • Each month make your own improv block related to the month’s theme, of any size, using your own chosen color palette and fabrics.  

  • Share your block(s) at the next in-person guild meeting and on Instagram with the hashtag #CJMQG2023QAL

  • Nov 2023 - March 2024, put your quilt together, for the final reveal at the CJMQG March 2024 meeting.