Sunday, October 28, 2012

Two Upcoming Quilting Events

Hi all, please see the info below (also sent to your email, if you belong to Big Tent) regarding these two upcoming events! Please stay safe during the storm (if you have electricity, work on your potholders for the November meeting!)

-Jess S.


Courthouse Quilter's Class with Teri Lucas

Courthouse Quilters is offering freemotion quilting classes with Teri Lucas in Frenchtown on Nov 10 or 11.

Visit Teri's website to see more about what she does.

The cost is $55 for non-members.
Classes are 10-4 at Darcy Lodge in Frenchtown, NJ

There are a few spaces left. Contact Helle-May Cheney at or Carol Esch at


Quilt Designer Weeks Ringle Visit PQW - Nov. 15-17
Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr say of their work: "We make quilts that are expressive in the time in which we live." Their interest is focused on what it means to be a quiltmaker in the here and now keeps their work fresh, modern, and original.

Weeks also writes the widely-read craft and creativity blog, Craft Nectar (

Owners of Modern Quilt Studio, a contemporary design studio in Oak Park, Illinois, Bill and Weeks infuse creativity into every part of their lives while designing and stitching every custom quilt themselves. They share a strong design education and quilting background and embrace roles as teachers and coaches in helping quilters find their own voice. Modern Quilt Studio is recognized by high-end art museums and collectors, and has been commissioned from people and organizations all over the world to create unique quilt designs. Their quilts have appeared in national magazines, in prestigious museums such as the American Folk Art Museum, on the beds of inns and private estates, in craft and decorative art shows internationally, and even as a math textbook cover.

Weeks and Bill are authors of Transparency Quilts, Quilts Made Modern, The Modern Quilt Workshop, and The Quiltmaker's Color Workshop.

Trunk Show and Book Signing
Thursday, November 15th at 7 pm
Fee is $10 (20% discount on her books)

Weeks Ringle: The Role of Color in Your Quilts
Friday, November 16th, 10 to 5
Fee is $120

Seeing Your Stash in a New Way
Using Your Stash to to Mix Color, Pattern & Scale in Your Quilts
Saturday, November 17th, 10 to 5
Fee is $120

Contact Pennington Quilts Works to register for these classes or for further details.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Member Spotlight: Janneke

This week, I'm excited to feature Janneke, a very involved member of our guild - and she also happens to be Vice President. She's always doing the challenges and swaps, and always has something interesting to contribute!

Tell us a little about yourself! 
I grew up in the Netherlands,married a Dutch guy and moved to England and then the USA. I have three kids ranging in age from 11 to 22, one in UK,one in college and one at home.

How long have you been a quilter, and why did you start?
I have been sewing and creating from a very young age,because thats what all kids do in the Netherlands. I started quilting when we moved to the States 16 years ago. I started to get to know people.

Which of the quilts you have made is your all-time favorite? Tell us why and what it means to you.
My "house" quilt is my favorite because it combined different techniques I learned over the years. I included favorite fabrics and handmade buttons (my then 5 year old made them) I will never sell this one or give it away.

 How would you describe your style?
My style is colorful,whimsy and as I have been told....typical Janneke,whatever that means. I love just the process of sewing,picking out fabric and never just copy a pattern. I always add something of me in it.

What else do you enjoy sewing, besides quilts?

I love creating fabric art, three dimensial, jewelry, homedecorations, mini wall collages.

'Fess up. How many WIPs (work in progress) do you have right now?
Too many to count, between 20 and 30.

What project are you working on right now?
To escape the busy summerhousehold I set up my machine in the basement(guest took over my sewing room) and are basting a lot of quilts.I am also preparing handwork to take on my plane trip to the Netherlands and I have a handquilting lap quilt for the evenings when I want to relax.

Thanks Janneke! More member spotlights to follow on our blog and in our meetings!
-Jess S.

Monday, October 22, 2012

October Sewcial

A quick post - Robin is hosting a Sewcial at her house this Wednesday the 24th, from 6-9:30. The RSVP form is here; you can email her for her address.

I can't go, but I hope you can make it!
-Jess S.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Modern Monday #9: 10/15/2012

Modern Monday posts detail happenings and trends in the modern quilt blog world. I will discuss general news, significant contests and their results, new quilt-a-longs, and post flickr inspiration boards. My hope is that everyone, both CJMQG members and modern quilters around the internet, will find some inspiration and get involved with the online world!

Flickr Favorites:

1. That's So Random!, 2. Dresden Squares Top + Tutorial, 3. Modern Peel, 4. Field Study Quilt, 5. Little Leaves, 6. remixed geese

Whoops - I realized that I included a picture (#4)  here that I already included in my last Modern Monday mosaic - go figure. I love it that much, I guess!

-Jess S.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

October Meeting Recap

Upcoming Events:
  • Register for QuiltCon in Austin, TX (Feb. 21-24) - see for more info! Enter your modern quilts into the show HERE (the call for entries is until Nov. 30).
  • November Meeting - Tues., Nov. 13 at Pennington Quilt Works, 7 pm
  • November Sewcial - Sun., November 18, 10-4 PM at Pennington Quilt Works, RSVP here (and more info). 7 people have already responded and are bringing machines - that means there is space for about 3 more machines! You can always bring hand work and join us, too! :)
  • Homemade gift exchange within the guild - will happen in January, more info at Nov. and Dec. meetings
  • First, we introduced ourselves by discussing which quilting events we had been to. This turned into a lengthy and informative discussion - especially for those of us (*raises hand*) that have been to few or none!

    September-October 2012 144

  • Janet Bergman shared her quilts and her quilting journey, which included her fabulous ribbon quilts. You can find her website here!

    September-October 2012 137
  • We discussed some of the way we carry our products on the go. Judi showed us her (clean :) )pizza, and wipes box methods, Janneke showed off her make up bages and the wallet she made from an unused block, which holds her needles and pins.

  • We also talked about using coffee tins (especially for retreats and classes), prescription bottles (for the tiniest notions/projects), and even toolboxes. Finally, Jessica L. shared her obsessive usage of Enviro bags, which fold up very small and can hold a project each. I know I have some ideas now!
  • Our October challenge was to make a quilt out of the modern blocks, which were swapped in September. Our guild members (in one month!) produced some GORGEOUS quilts (seriously, gorgeous)!

    September-October 2012 152
    September-October 2012 157

    September-October 2012 164

    September-October 2012 154

    September-October 2012 160
Finally, we had show and tell. We had a late meeting this time, but there was a lot going on!

September-October 2012 159 September-October 2012 167 September-October 2012 165

September-October 2012 163

November meeting lineup (will be reposted closer to meeting):
  • Swap: Potholders (set of 2 or a double one) - use insulated batting if you can, or several layers of regular batting, so no one burns themselves! Try to use a modern design.
  • Jessica L. will share her experience at Quilt Market and hopefully have some giveaways, too!
  • Jess (me!) will be giving you a tour of the modern blogging world, and I will showcase some of your favorite blogs/websites (email me at if you have some suggestions!)
  • Spotlight on Kathleen
Thanks! I'll be back soon with links from the last meeting (and a links tab at the top of the page), more online member spotlights, and Modern Mondays will be back! Yay!

-Jess H. (now Jess S. :) )