Monday, March 25, 2013

Class Recap: Color Theory for the Modern Quilter

Our president, Jessica, led about half of our guild in a Color Theory class on Saturday, March 23 at Pennington Quilt Works! Some of it was technical, but she did a great job of combining the jargon with hard examples via slideshow.  Jess also had us working in groups, and individually, to practice our color skills. We even had our very own Vanna:

Color Theory for the Modern Quilter
Thanks, Robin!

First, Jess explained the differences between the two color wheels (the traditional one you probably used in elementary school, and the one most people use with computers). We had a handy cheat sheet to help us figure out which colors were analogous, complimentary, etc.

Color Theory for the Modern Quilter 

Working with paint chips and fabric stacks. I already feel myself looking at color differently... more below.

Color Theory for the Modern Quilter Color Theory for the Modern Quilter 

Here we all are staring at our cameras and phones - did you know that if you take a picture of a stack of fabrics in black and white, you can see their values perfectly, and thus order them easily from lightest to darkest?

Color Theory for the Modern Quilter
(This was the correct order for these paint chips!)

Color Theory for the Modern Quilter Color Theory for the Modern Quilter 

Jess shows some of her amazing quilts and explains how she would describe them based on color theory. Modern quilts are so much about color - it's a lot to keep in the back in your head, but knowing the theory behind it can be very useful!

We also got to play with fabric. Thank goodness Jess has plenty. I have seen her stash - I can verify this is just part of it!

Color Theory for the Modern Quilter 

Color Theory for the Modern Quilter 
 Here I am, diving for fabric.. big surprise. Thanks to Kristina, our treasurer, for capturing this moment, as well as several others on this page.

Color Theory for the Modern Quilter 

We made a bunch of bundles based on mini challenges. For example, Jess gave each of us one fabric we had to use in a bundle. At once point we had to include one fabric that was the only color of its kind in the bundle. One of Kristina's bundles is above.

Color Theory for the Modern Quilter Color Theory for the Modern Quilter Color Theory for the Modern Quilter 

Many of us found ourselves picking fabrics we usually wouldn't pick, or enjoying color schemes we usually shy away from or never would consider. The top picture is one of my favorite combos (orange, yellow, and purple - a split compliment on the color wheel) even though I learned purple and yellow have the largest contrast. The middle palette was just me playing around, and I found myself liking pink a lot more than usual. The bottom was pretty much an accident - at the end we were just throwing fabric together! I love it though!

 Color Theory for the Modern Quilter 

This was one of my favorites - something of an analogous compliment (blue, blue violet, and violet, which are next to each other on the color wheel, and across from orange). Now I REALLY want to make a quilt from these fabrics and colors.

I should have taken more pictures of other people's bundles but I was so busy! I made at least 7, haha. If you have pictures from the workshop, feel free to upload them to our Flickr group!

Thanks again for a great day, Jess!

P.S. Here are the links referred to in the class - I will also add them to our "Links" page at the top.

-Jess S.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

March Meeting Recap

Our March meeting (3/12) was full of new info and lots of inspiration!

  • We are joining the national Modern Quilt Guild this summer! Their site has been updated (and will continue to be) as it moves closer to being the hub for all things MQG. More info will be available soon.
  • Our guild quilt retreat is still open (Fri. 4/12-Sun. 4/14 - we can stay until Sunday night!)! We can have 20 people, and we have about half of that who have paid as of today ($75 for use of the room for the weekend, even if you come for one day)(you book your own room or email the account if you are interested in sharing with someone). For more info and RSVP, click here.
  • Call for entries: Modern Showcase at the Quilt Festival - deadline is April 26. Go enter your quilt!
  • We need a couple more people to commit to one block a month for a guild bee - if you have questions or would like to join, email the account. We would like to start in May.
  •  This is a little far in advance, but there will be no June meeting. Instead, Angela Walters will be giving a free lecture to guild members on Friday, June 14 at 7 pm. There will be a modern machine quilting workshop (bring your machine) on Sunday, June 16, which is $55 a person. To add your name to the list for the workshop, email the account before it fills! If you would like to learn more about Angela, check out her blog and watch her fabulous (free!) QuiltCon lecture on Craftsy. It's going to be a great weekend for the CJMQG!
Okay. Whew. Onto the meeting!


Jessica Levitt gave us a very thorough overview of her experiences at QuiltCon. Thanks, Jess!

Swap: We had a quilted postcard swap. The parameters were as follows:
  •  4"x6" 
  • One side must be paper pieced 
  • Use batting or interfacing or both to stablize 
  • Doesn't need to be mailable
  • Satin stitch the edges 

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled 

Our members came up with some beautiful designs! So springy :)

Spotlight: on Joyce Hughes. She shared her journey through quilts, applique, and thread painting. I think it's safe to say a lot of us were inspired to go home and quilt after that!


Challenge: Label a quilt that hasn't been label yet. I think I'm the only one who did it! :) I'll be sharing an overview of my process soon on my blog.

Finally, we had show and tell.

 We'll miss you, Laura N.!!! (This is her bubble quilt)

April Meeting (4/9/13):
  • Discussion on thread: Let's talk thread. Bring in your favorites and tell us why you use it/what you use it for. 
  • Discussion on borders: Show us modern quilts you have made with borders. We'll discuss their use in modern quilting as compared to traditional. Do you use them at all?
  • Challenge: Scrap buster. Make something from scraps. You cannot buy anything for this challenge! Everyone can and should do this one :D
  • More to come.

-Jess S.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Our Quilt Retreat!

Our quilt retreat is still open! We are now inviting guests as well.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Reminder: Workshop - Color Theory for the Modern Quilter

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March Meeting Reminder

Join us for our March meeting, this coming Tuesday, March 12!
7-9:30 PM
Pennington Quilt Works, Pennington, NJ.

RSVP here!

At this meeting we will:
- Have a discussion on threads, bring your favorites to share
- Discuss QuiltCon and all the information gathered there
- Challenge: Share a label you recently added to something you sewed
- Swap:  Quilted postcards - 4"x6" - one side must be paper pieced - use batting or interfacing or both to stablize - doesn't need to be mailable - satin stitch the edges
- Enjoy a spotlight on Joyce Hughes
- Discuss our potential retreat and bee
-General business
-Regular show and tell and brainstorming on current projects

See you there :)
-Jess S.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Modern Monday #14: 3/4/13

  Modern Monday posts detail happenings and trends in the modern quilt blog world. I will discuss general news, significant contests and their results, new quilt-a-longs, and post Flickr inspiration boards. My hope is that everyone, both CJMQG members and modern quilters around the internet, will find some inspiration and get involved with the online world!


QuiltCon just happened! The next one isn't until 2015 (boo) but maybe we can plan a field trip?

Here is a link to some of the lectures at QuiltCon, provided on Craftsy for free. Some of those featured include Amy and David Butler, Angela Walters, Heather Jones, Mary Fons, and Jacquie Gering.
*EDIT: There's lots of quilty goodness from the Quilt Show over at Sew, Mama, Sew!

 New Quilt Alongs:

  • If you are interested in paper piecing (which has been a big topic the last couple of meetings), you should join the Forest QAL, over at Sewing Under Rainbow. You'll make blocks that are all about wildlife... and they are beautiful!

Made by Shape Moth, images taken from Sewing Under Rainbow

Mine is made with Kate Spain's Honey Honey - if you are interested, you can purchase a kit here (and I'll be bringing it to the March meeting!). The QAL starts this Wednesday on my blog, and if you'd like to QAL with your own fabric, we'd love to have you, too! :) The Flickr group is here, where you can check/post your progress, and see past QALs.

 Flickr Favorites: Somewhat based on spring!

1. In featherbed with Anna Maria and Denyse, 2. Kaleidoscope Quilt WIP - Detail, 3. coopfront1, 4. Mod Pop Complete!, 5. The Conversation Quilt, 6. Chicopee ice pops quilt top

-Jess S.