Monday, January 28, 2019

January Meeting Recap

A reminder to our members that February's meeting is our first meeting at the Hopewell Train Station, 2 Railroad Place, Hopewell. Remember that we have a challenge due at this meeting - make a tote bag inspired by your birthstone! And the first Improv Quilt-A-Long block is due - improv log cabin! See Groupworks for the schedule of upcoming events; we have some workshops and a retreat to sign up for.

So what did we see at the January meeting? Let's find out..

The Guild Bee made blocks for Cathy:
1 bee

Jamee introduced our 2019 Improv Quilt-A-Long, and Jess provided some examples of improv quilts.
Participants also showed some of their fabric pulls and color palettes for this project.

Next we had a Mug Rug Swap. Look at all the fun pieces!
5 swap

And as always, Show and Tell..
6 show and tell7 show and tell
8 show and tell9 show and tell
10 show and tell11 show and tell
12 show and tell13 show and tell
14 show and tell15 show and tell
16 show and tell17 show and tell
18 show and tell19 show and tell