Friday, August 30, 2013

Flickr Demo

At the beginning of the year, I posted a couple of links to help you set up Flickr. At the August meeting, I spoke/demonstrated detail about what Flickr is and how you can use it. Here I am, sharing the short version of that topic. Flickr is a GREAT way to share your work with other quilters, especially if you don't want to/have the time to start a blog!

On the main screen, you can sign in with your Yahoo! ID or as Google member. You can also decide to just sign in through Facebook. If you don't have one of those accounts already, you'll have to become a member of one of those sites (click "create account" at the bottom).

Once you're signed in, you can upload photos from your computer to your photostream (your main collection of photos) by clicking here:

 Then, they are in your photostream! Voila!

To join a group and start sharing your pictures with others, you can use the "Communities" tab in the picture above to search (or check the bottom of this post for some links). Here's a screenshot of where you click, once you're on the group page:

Once you're a member of the group, you can add photos that are already in your photostream:

Then, you click which photos from your photostream you are adding, and click ADD TO GROUP at the bottom of the right side column (not pictured):

You can favorite any picture by moving your mouse over it and clicking the star in the bottom right hand corner. You can also comment on a picture by clicking the speech bubble next to it.

Groups to get you started sharing:
Our guild group!
Fresh Modern Quilts
The Modern Quilt Guild
Quilt Backs
Modern Crazy Quilting
Modern Mini Quilts
Quilt As Desired

Don't forget, you can join quilt-a-longs, bees, and swaps through Flickr too! Start searching! If you have any questions or need help, please leave a comment or email me.

-Jess S.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

August Meeting Recap

Reminder: We are now a part of the international Modern Quilt Guild! Visit our site here, after you have signed in. Please refer to the email sent a few days ago about getting into the group - and feel free to email the account or any of the officers about any questions you have. Please remember that the website is all new to us, too, so we'll all get used to it together! We will be phasing out BigTent, so take some time to acquaint yourself with the new site - and we will try to do a demo at the September meeting.

We had a seriously HUGE turnout at our August meeting! It was great to see everyone and meet new and potential members!

Important Dates
  • By August 30: Sign up for the Riley Blake MQG Fabric challenge (similar to the Madrona Road challenge a few months ago)  at this link (our guild's forum). See the same link for all the info on the challenge (Sept.-Dec.)

These are the prints (but not the exact colors) that Riley Blake will be sending all those who sign up!

  •  MQG SewDown in Philly - Sept. 6-8. It is an all-inclusive sewing event with workshops and lectures from 4 instructors. You can also choose to go just for the day - lectures are posted here. Remember - as you are a guild member, you can receive a 15% discount.
  • Sept. 8 - Gloria Loughman, contemporary quilter, teacher and author, will be giving a lecture at the Courthouse Quilters meeting in Frenchtown, NJ. The fee is $5. See the website for more info.
  • September Meeting:  Tues. Sept. 10 @ Pennington Quilt Works, 7-9:30pm (more info at the end of this post)
  • Sept. 27-28 - Paula Reid machine quilter and instructor of “Fluff and Stuff” will be lecturing and giving a workshop at the Byrnes Sewing Connection in New Britain, PA. Contact the store at 215-230-9411 for more information.
  • Sept. 28th is the Quilters Take Manhattan event. For those interested, tickets can be purchased online at
  • October 8 - NO REGULAR OCTOBER MEETING - lecture, trunk show, and quilt planning with Barbara Persing. Barbara is the author of “Listen to Your Quilt” and will discuss how to plan and design quilting choices for your quilt. Her lecture will be from 6-10 pm (*please note the earlier time) at the PQW on Tuesday, October 8th in place of our general meeting. (thanks to Kathleen for providing this important info!)
  • At this meeting, we voted and unanimously passed the motion to add a section to our by-laws about being a non-profit (501C 3).
  • New York City trip to NYC survey coming SOON to an inbox near you! (as in, this week)
  •  Pinterest and Flickr usernames so far have been posted on the tab at the top (Members' Social Media Links), so we can follow each other! If you haven't already added yours to the thread on Bigtent, please do so HERE on our new site.
  • Look for more info SOON about the multi-guild retreat, April 3-6, 2014, in Lancaster.
  • We have started our "freebie table" at meetings, which Neva has generously volunteered to manage. Bring any books, magazines, tools, and quilting fabric only (no smaller than a ¼ yard) that you do not have a need/want for.
  • Who wants to be in the “Spotlight”?  Please consider volunteering for this part of our meeting in the future - you'll bring in quilts and tell us about your journey as a quilter.

  • I gave a presentation/demo on Flickr. I will be posting more on this soon (a summary of what I went over). We also discussed the difference between Flickr and Pinterest (pictures vs. organization of links/pictures). Remember, you can use your Yahoo or Google ID to log into Flickr now and start documenting/sharing your quilt projects!
  • Challenge: Members made 8.5" modern blocks for the CJMQG banner. Check out these beauties (which were posted to our Flickr group)! Those of you who still need to complete the challenge have until the September meeting. Reminder: please save your large scraps/any leftover fabric and hand them back, as we will use them for the backing and binding! 

Neva's block
Banner block
Rachel's block
  • This month, members participating in the guild bee made string blocks for Alison. Check out the strips of color we added!


 Show and Tell:

(Neva was super busy the last couple of months!! Look at all that gorgeous quilting!)
 (Kathleen made a bag to match her quilt :D)
 Robin made this cute quilt top that day!
 Robin got help from Barbara Persing for quilting this one - she can do the same for you in October!


And we're proud of our guests/new members! 
September Meeting (Tues.,  Sept. 10, 7-9:30 pm, Pennington Quilt Works)
  • Possible demo on the new site
  • Carol Esch will give a demonstration on constructing wonky star blocks.
  • September Swap – Make a “mug rug”, a mini placemat, in the modern quilt style to swap with another participant.
  • September Challenge – Remaining volunteers complete banner blocks
  • Spotlight – Eugenia, if she's available
See you then!
-Jess S.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Reminder: August Meeting

Thursday, August 1, 2013

July Meeting Recap

*I apologize that it took me so long to write this post. I should be good to go for August!

Our July meeting was Tuesday, July 9. Thanks to Kathleen for writing up the minutes!

 Upcoming Events:
  • August Meeting - Tuesday, August 13 @ Pennington Quilt Works, 7-9:30 (see bottom of this post for more details)
  • Look for an email/survey soon about an impromptu quilters' NYC trip. :)
  • The MQG’s first Sew Down will take place in Philadelphia, Friday to Sunday, Sept. 6-8. It is an all inclusive sewing event with workshops and lectures from 4 instructors. Registration is open and members of guilds belonging to the national guild will receive a 15% discount. That email (about the discount) was sent before the July meeting.
  • Sept. 28th is the Quilters Take Manhattan event. For those interested, tickets can be purchased online at
  • We are now part of the national Modern Quilt Guild! Look for an email soon about switching over from BigTent.
  • Make sure you fill out the survey about the joint retreat for next April in Lancaster - it's in your email! Even if you aren't planned on attending, it would help if you filled it out. Thanks!

Icebreaker: “What is your favorite summer activity?” The 27 members attending answered everything from quilting (of course!), to biking, to laying on the beach. Sounds good to me!

Guild Business:
I gave out the fabric packets for those who volunteered to create modern blocks for our guild banner. If you volunteered and weren't at the meeting, see me at the August meeting and I'll hand it over!

Banner Block Guidelines:
Blocks should be 8.5" x 8.5" - due in either August or September. PLEASE return leftover scraps (you should have some) to be used for binding/backing/etc.
Please only use the fabric given.
See my Pinterest board for some modern quilt block ideas. :)

Members shared their free motion quilting projects based on skills they learned at the Angela Walters workshop.

Educational Topic
Liza Lucy gave out pre-cut pieces of fabric and demonstrated how to sew a Y seam. I will be posting a tutorial on this shortly. For now, check out Rachel's practice! Thank you, Liza!

CJMQG July meeting  

Show & Tell
Bee members shared their completed blocks for June and July (since we didn't have a July meeting). For more info about the bee, see the tab at the top of our blog.

CJMQG July meeting 
For Laura's quilt

 For Linda's quilt

And, of course, members shared completed projects and works in progress.

"Sew" cute - okay, I won't say it again. :)
 Gorgeous scrappy trip-a-long!

 Pretty chevrons by Jess L.!

 The quilting on these gorgeous stones is amazing!

Love this so much, Kathleen!
Check out Kristina's beautiful dress! 
August Meeting:
  • Educational topic: I will be giving a short demo on Flickr! So, you'd better be there!
  • Challenge – Create your modern 8 ½ inch block for the CJMQG banner. Woohoo, August is all about me :D Just kidding. Though really, so far, it is! Just saying.
  • Discussion – Bring in a favorite book or magazine and share your interests. This has the potential to be a really great discussion!
  • Spotlight – Eugenia
  • A “Freebie Table” will be set up at future meetings. Neva has volunteered to maintain it (thanks, Neva!). Bring books, magazines, fabric (no smaller than a ¼ yard), tools, etc. you no longer want or need (in relatively good condition!)
See you on the 13th!
-Jess S.