Thursday, April 25, 2019

April meeting recap

Hi everyone! Great news for members - all quilts submitted to our exhibition at PNQE at Oaks have been accepted!

Bee quilts are due at the May 8 meeting if you want to be included in the prize drawing. We are having a spring theme pillow/pillow cover challenge for the June meeting. We'll be discussing pillows at the May meeting but you can get started on it now!

Some other events of possible interest: two of our members will be vending at Handmade Hopewell on Seminary Ave on Sunday, May 5, 10am-4pm. There will be a quilt show on Saturday, May 18th, in Toll Gate Grammar School during Pennington Day. Admission is $1.

This month the Guild Bee made blocks for Neva.
1 guild bee

We showed our crumb blocks for the Improv QAL.

Then we had a Make Do Swap. Participants chose a bag of scraps at random (no peeking!) last month, and then used the scraps to make a small project for the swap.
6 make do7 make do
8 make do9 make do
10 make do11 make do
12 make do13 make do
14 make do15 make do
16 make do17 make do
18 make do19 make do
20 make do21 make do
22 make do

We asked Elaine to give a trunk show of her journey as a quiltmaker.
23 elaine trunk show24 elaine trunk show
25 elaine trunk show26 elaine trunk show
27 elaine trunk show28 elaine trunk show
29 elaine trunk show30 elaine trunk show
33 elaine trunk show34 elaine trunk show

And last but not least, Show and Tell!
35 show and tell36 show and tell
37 show and tell38 show and tell
39 show and tell40 show and tell
41 show and tell42 show and tell
43 show and tell44 show and tell
45 show and tell46 show and tell
47 show and tell