Tuesday, November 12, 2019

October Meeting Recap

Welcome to fall!

Members who are participating in the RWJUHH quilt show: please bring your quilts and signed waivers (check your email) to the meeting on Wednesday, November 13.

First we discussed several of our upcoming workshops and possibilities for next year's Quilt-a-long.

This month's Improv Quilt-a-long theme was words! (I think Janneke's was supposed to be "MOM" but I didn't take another picture after she flipped it, apologies!)
01 improv qal

We recently had a stripe fabric swap, and followed it up with a Stripe Quilt Challenge.
02 stripe challenge

In September, Timna Tarr came to teach her map quilt class. Here are quilts from some of the students:
03 timna tarr
04 timna tarr
05 timna tarr

This month we had a Member Spotlight on our founder, Jess Levitt. She showed us quilts across her entire quilting career, including fabric she designed. Thanks, Jess!
06 jess levitt07 jess levitt
08 jess levitt09 jess levitt
10 jess levitt

The Guild Bee made x and + blocks for Janice:
11 guild bee

And Show and Tell! Thanks everyone for sharing your talents!
12 show and tell13 show and tell
14 show and tell15 show and tell
16 show and tell17 show and tell
18 show and tell19 show and tell
20 show and tell21 show and tell

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

September meeting recap

Apologies for the delay in posting the recaps - I've been working on a quilt (gasp) and really lost track of the days!

We'd like to remind everyone that we have open spots in our fall retreat, Nov 1-3 at Hyatt House Branchburg, and that signups for Jamee's wedge workshop on November 16th are open as well. Michele is collecting baby quilts to be donated to the baby birthday party in December.

We had a discussion about everybody's favorite quilt literature, including books, magazines, and even novels.

This month the Guild Bee was very busy, because they brought in blocks for two people. First up, blocks for Paulette:
1 guild bee
And then blocks for Ellen:
2 guild bee

This month's Improv QAL block theme was bias strips/tape. Very interesting results!
3 improv qal

And finally, Show and Tell!
4 show and tell5 show and tell
6 show and tell7 show and tell
8 show and tell9 show and tell
10 show and tell11 show and tell
12 show and tell13 show and tell
14 show and tell15 show and tell

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

August meeting recap

We started our meeting this month with a lecture about WIPs and UFOs from Heather Kojan! It was warm, funny, and #relatable.
1 heather kojan

The Guild Bee sewed up blocks for Mada this month - some were given to her at our July party, so we have two pictures :)
2 guild bee
3 guild bee

This month's Improv QAL theme was wedges, and July's was triangles, so there were a lot of blocks to hold up.
4 improv qal

Then we had a reusable shopping bag swap. Here are some pictures as we went through...
5 bag swap
6 bag swap
7 bag swap

Earlier in the month, Janet taught a Retreat Bag Workshop. Here are some of the results!
8 retreat bag class

And everyone's favorite time: Show and Tell!
9 show and tell10 show and tell
11 show and tell12 show and tell
13 show and tell14 show and tell
15 show and tell16 show and tell
17 show and tell18 show and tell
19 show and tell20 show and tell