Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January Meeting Recap

We recently had our first official meeting of the Central Jersey Modern Quilt Guild on January 10. Thanks to everyone who came – it was a great turnout! We hope you’ll join us for our meetings, every second Tuesday of the month at Pennington Quilt Works, Pennington, NJ, at 7 PM.

We started out talking about our goals for the guild. Basically, we’re all about being laid-back, oohing and aahing over fabric and quilts, challenging ourselves, getting to know each other, and having fun, all while learning about modern quilting. 

Our elected officers are:
President - Jessica Levitt
Vice President - Janneke Vander Ree
Treasurer - Sandy Mahaney
Secretary - Robin Buscemi

Additional Positions:
Webmaster - Jessica Hoenig (hi there!)
Photographer - Lori Saporito

Our activity/icebreaker for the meeting was matching fabrics. Everyone brought in 10 or more pieces of fabric and laid them out on the table. We paired up with someone we didn’t know and tried to create palettes together. Often, the single piece I picked up did not match my partner’s, but we were all able to come up with something! Hopefully this improved our color and pattern matching skills. We saw many  combinations - plus, we got to ooh and aah over fabric. Always a plus.

This month's challenge was to make a quilt using 50 or more fabrics. 


   Jessica L.

Finally, we had show and tell, which we will have every meeting.

(You can find all pictures taken from the meeting over on our Big Tent group – along with the official meeting minutes, which include announcements from the meeting).

--Our next meeting is Tuesday, February 14 – yes, Valentine’s Day!
  • Valentine’s Swap: Make a fabric modern mini project of your choice (example: quilted cards, ornaments, pillows, pin cushions). For anyone who participates, there will be a random drawing of a Valentine.
  • Program: bring your favorite tool to discuss.
  • We will vote on the CJMQG bylaws.
  • Bring your dues ($50) if you haven’t paid them already!
  • Guests are welcome as usual! (guest policy: first meeting = free, second meeting  - $5, third meeting = join).

--March Meeting Challenge (advance notice):
  • Make a monochromatic quilt (you can use one neutral but there are no quilt police!). No size requirements, it's up to your interpretation.

*Join our Flickr group and check in on the Big Tent group (you can RSVP to the February meeting now).*
Let me know if you have any suggestions for the blog!

Jess H.