Tuesday, July 18, 2017

July meeting recap

In past years we didn't have an official meeting in the month of July, but earlier this year we voted to have one. We shortened up the business aspects of the meeting and capped it off with games!

Reminder to members that registration for our fall retreat is ongoing and will open to non-members beginning in August, so if you want to make sure you get a spot, send your check to the treasurer (Beth) ASAP!

First, here's everyone with the one hour baskets they received in the swap with the North Jersey MQG. Thank you, NJMQG!!!
one hour baskets

The Guild Bee made blocks for Mada:
guild bee

The NewBee made blocks for Juanda:

Melanie Tuazon recently did a workshop for her Trill pattern with us. Here are some of the results!
Trill workshop results

As always, Show and Tell!!
Show and tellShow and tell
show and tellshow and tell
show and tellshow and tell
show and tellshow and tell

Then we closed out the night playing games, including Pin the Power Cord on the Sewing Machine, Hot Potato, and Left Right Center!
games - hot potato
games - left right center