Monday, October 15, 2012

Modern Monday #9: 10/15/2012

Modern Monday posts detail happenings and trends in the modern quilt blog world. I will discuss general news, significant contests and their results, new quilt-a-longs, and post flickr inspiration boards. My hope is that everyone, both CJMQG members and modern quilters around the internet, will find some inspiration and get involved with the online world!

Flickr Favorites:

1. That's So Random!, 2. Dresden Squares Top + Tutorial, 3. Modern Peel, 4. Field Study Quilt, 5. Little Leaves, 6. remixed geese

Whoops - I realized that I included a picture (#4)  here that I already included in my last Modern Monday mosaic - go figure. I love it that much, I guess!

-Jess S.