Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Updates: Modern FMQ QAL

At our August meeting, we announced lots of important updates for the quilt-a-long, to get you in shape for the end of the year and ready to put together your final quilted sampler! Plus, Elaine H. and I gave a demonstration of how to do Quilt-As-You-Go (QAYG), which is a technique for putting together already-quilted blocks.

Example: Sampler of 9 FMQed blocks, pieced together QAYG style with white sashing.

  • There will be two more months of themes, including September - the theme is "Pebbles." Tutorials for this month are now posted here.
    • If you were planning on making 10 quilt sandwiches as already laid out in the original QAL instructions, you can either use the 10th one as a practice/use it in another project, make an extra 2 (for a total of twelve) to produce a 3x4 grid of blocks, or cut up all 10 blocks to sew together a unique sampler (ie not all the same size blocks).

  • Read the full Quilt-As-You-Go instructions here - complete with photos and illustrations (we recommend following this to produce 1/2" wide sashings - probably the easiest route for piecing this quilt together). This is the technique we demonstrated at the August meeting.

  • See links to Resources for Quilt-As-You-Go here (different sized sashings, no sashings, etc). A big thank you to Elaine for doing the research and testing to put this together.

Thanks! I'll post an official September FMQ blog post soon. The official QAL page has been updated with these resources.

-Jess Skultety
2018 QAL Leader