Modern FMQ QAL - 2018 Guild Quilt-A-Long

Welcome to the CJMQG 2018 Quilt-A-Long!

Make a machine quilting sampler to further your skills! This block-of-the-month style QAL will be focused on free motion quilting, using free tutorials from talented quilt instructors online. You will "choose your own adventure" to follow quilting tutorials. We will be using Quilt-As-You-Go to join the blocks at the end of the year. This QAL is open to ANYONE, anywhere in the world!

How it works
  • Choose your current level of machine quilting skill (beginner, intermediate, expert)
  • Gather your fabric and prepare your 10 quilt sandwiches for the year (or as you go each month - you decide)
  • The monthly theme will be revealed at the CJMQG meeting live, and on this page the day after.
  • Quilt a quilt sandwich in your chosen motif, related to the theme. Themes will be introduced for 10 months (Jan. - Oct.).
  • DO NOT trim the blocks! This will be done at the end of the year and will help keep your stitches intact if they are stored or moved.
  • Share your quilted block at the next month's guild meeting and share on Instagram with the hashtags #modernfmqqal and #cjmqg 


FMQ Resources and Reminders 

Quilt-As-You-Go (QAYG) - Full instructions for putting the quilt together

QAYG Resources (different sashing widths, no sashing, etc).

  • FMQ/hopping/darning foot for your sewing machine
  • Paper and pencil to practice drawing (suggestion - use a notebook so you can track your progress throughout the year)
  • Washable marking pen, chalk, or hera marker, ruler (optional - all designs can be done without marking)
  • Machine quilting gloves (optional - help keep a grip on your fabric)
  • Thread slightly lighter or darker than your front-facing fabric (contrast is important!)
  • Fabric (see below)


Fabric Requirements
  • (20) fat quarters (18"x22") to make quilt sandwiches - 10 on the front, 10 on the back
    • For best results, use solid or like-solid fabrics for the 10 front-facing fabrics
    • To leave yourself adequate room to grip your quilt sandwich while quilting, cut your front-facing fabrics to 14" x 18".
  • Batting scraps at least 18"x22" for middle of quilt sandwiches
  • Sashing fabric, to use for joining blocks with Quilt As You Go (amount - varies, depending on how big you want your sampler to be in the end - at least a yard)

How to Make a Quilt Sandwich
  • Baste a solid or like-solid fabric on top, batting in middle, then backing fabric using spray baste or pins through the middle and around the edges.

Questions about the QAL? Contact Jess Skultety, QAL leader, here.