Friday, July 24, 2015

CJMQG 1st Annual Summer Potluck

In place of our July meeting, we held a summer potluck at Janneke's house. It was a blast! We hope to throw one again in the winter. Please enjoy pictures from the event below, and we'll see you at the August meeting on Tuesday the 11th! 

Thanks to Janneke for hosting, Laura B. for pictures, and everyone for bringing seriously delicious food!

Group pic of those who could make it!


Kathleen brought "Left, Right, Center" - we played with fat quarters and dollar bills. And below, the big winners! We will definitely play again soon!

Some show and tell - you can see more on our Flickr group and on our Instagram (@cjmqg).

Krishma's Improv Pineapple quilt from the North Jersey MQG's Heather Jones workshop

Susan's curvy walking foot quilt from Melanie Tuazon's workshop

Jamee's quilt

Janneke's quilt

-Jess S.