Friday, January 11, 2013

Flickr How-To

I found a great video tutorial for Flickr - the photo sharing site - today, at the blog Pile O' Fabric. It's in three parts: setting up your account, uploading photos, and understanding Flickr groups. The tutorial is on this page. This is what you need to sign up for if you want to submit your pictures to the Madrona Road Challenge.

Check it out! If you upload pictures of your projects to Flickr, it's just like having a blog but without all of the maintenance and writing (trust me ;)). You can interact with other quilters, post your photos to big groups like Fresh Modern Quilts, the Modern Quilt Guild, and our own guild page (the links are all under the "Links" page at the top of the blog), ask for help on projects, get feedback, and participate in swaps and bees. Might I suggest Modernista Homemade?

If you have any questions about Flickr, I'd be happy to answer them! Send an email or comment here.

-Jess S.