Sunday, June 3, 2018

Modern FMQ QAL: June

Welcome to Month 6 of the Modern FMQ QAL! June's theme builds on those FMQ skills you've surely become more comfortable with by now. Yay for straight lines! Typically, they are quilted with a walking foot, but for some motifs, the FMQ foot is just quicker. With some practice, you might find yourself quilting more lines this way. This is also a really great way to practice following along previously quilted lines/retracing your steps.

Whether you're a guild member or quilting along at home, please check the Google Doc for tutorial links. Check out the May meeting recap, written by Maggie, for pictures of last month's quilt sandwiches.

We will be skipping a July challenge as the CJMQG does not have an official meeting. August's theme will be announced and posted on the Google Doc after the June meeting on Monday, June 11.

Keep quilting through the summer!

-Jess Skultety, 2018 QAL Leader