Monday, September 18, 2017

September meeting recap

Hello once again, all you quilty people out there. Welcome to another meeting recap post! We had a lot of stuff to show at this meeting, and I know you love pictures..

First, here are some more of the blocks for our QuiltCon Charity Quilt!
01 charity quilt blocks

Last month, our guild hosted a workshop on Modern Organic Shapes taught by Jessica Levitt. One participant brought in her lovely quilt top to show us.
02 modern organic shapes workshop result!

This summer, Janet organized some of our members into a Summer Bee Swap. Each person in the swap picked a color scheme and a block. The swappers made their chosen block in everyone else's color schemes, and then the blocks were distributed at the meeting. Here are some of the blocks and colors:
03 summer bee group 1
04 summer bee group 2

Here's what we saw in Show and Tell:
05 show and tell06 show and tell
07 show and tell08 show and tell
09 show and tell10 show and tell
11 show and tell12 show and tell
14 show and tell

This month we had a challenge to make a quilt inspired by a song lyric, poem, or saying, preferably without using words in the design. Here's what we saw:
16 challenge
15 challenge17 challenge
18 challenge19 challenge
20 challenge21 challenge

The Guild Bee made blocks for Christine:
22 guild bee

The NewBee brought in some of last month's blocks as well as this month's:
23 newbee august
24 newbee september

Thanks for reading! See you again next month!