Monday, September 1, 2014

Jacquie Gering Visits! (Post 1 of 2)

I have a lot of pictures to share with you today! Modern quilter, renowned teacher, and author Jacquie Gering visited our guild and the Philly Guild last weekend. I wrote more about my personal thoughts on her trunk show and teaching over on my blog if you are interested. Below I've written some additional commentary and included just some of the pictures I have. Also, you can see Jacquie's e-portfolio, which contains professional photos of these quilts and many more.

Every year, our guild brings at least one quilting speaker/demonstrator to the area! The lecture and trunk show were on a Friday night at Pennington Quilt Works (thank you to Jan for hosting!), and it was free to members. Guests and members had the opportunity to attend her all-day workshop, Slice and Insert (voted on by members), on Sunday.

Jacquie is such a talented quilter and engaging speaker! Our guild had the privilege of taking a tour through her life and her quilts. Some quilts were for her sons, some were for her book, some were for causes of social justice, and some were just because she wanted to make them. What makes her unique is her use of straight line (walking foot) quilting and her angular style (in my opinion). Did I also mention Jacquie is the Chairperson of the Modern Quilt Guild Board of Directors? She said she's so proud of our modern movement and what we've done so far. It was exciting to hear so much about modern quilting!

This is the front of the quilt ("Not Lost in the Woods") from above - modern log cabins (another class Jacquie offers).

Jessica and Andrew, President of the Philly Guild, helped as quilt holders - thanks!

We found out her favorite color is orange. :) 

Jacquie used this quilt to discuss the scale (size) of blocks and negative ("blank") space. Check out the quilting! This is a bee quilt that will be donated to the red cross. I believe the quilting was done by Angela Walters.

 The amazing things Jacquie does with a Dresden ruler!

We loved this representation of TVs! Also, you can see it was hard for me to get a good picture of her!

 "Shattered," one of the best-known quilts from her book, Quilting Modern. She made this using the Slice and Insert technique, which we learned on Sunday.

This is a supernova quilt using the stitch and flip technique. Love her color scheme and the quilting!

With this quilt, Jacquie demonstrated the versatility of the 1 inch strip. That fabric above in the "grass" is NOT pieced... check out the backing to see where it comes from:

Here are some more stunning quilts using the "slice and insert" technique and a more "modern" border. Modern quilts don't usually have all-around borders but as Jacquie said, these quilts wouldn't be the same without this quarter of a border:

More striking linear quilts:

Below is "Building Bridges" which was inspired by Kansas City and Chicago. This is one of my favorites!

Jacquie made "Aftermath" to work through her feelings after the Boston Marathon Bombing. It was striking to see this quilt in person.

Thanks, Jacquie, for such a hilarious and inspiring talk! I know I speak for many when I say we can't wait to see what's next for you.

Up next... Part 2 - the workshop pictures!

-Jess S.