Thursday, April 17, 2014

Low Volume Swap Info

Low volume fabrics are currently a modern quilting trend. People like to use them as backgrounds. You can learn much more about low volume fabrics and see pictures in this Craftsy article.

29 people have signed up for the May low volume swap! Woohoo! If you have signed up, please buy a yard of low volume fabric. For this swap, the fabric should have a white or off-white background, and gray, black, or white print on top (not too bold). Here are some examples of acceptable prints (text prints that aren't too bold are good, too!):

  • Cut your fabric into 6x10 inch bricks (you will have 24 once the yard is all cut). 
  • Please bring your cut fabric in a big plastic or paper bag with your name on it to the May meeting.
  • If you will not be at the May meeting, you need to get your fabric to someone in order to swap. Otherwise, you cannot participate.
  • You will get 24 other bricks of fabric to take home!
We will use these low volume fabrics for a challenge coming up. Of course, you can use them beforehand, if you want, for a quilt project - just please bring it to a meeting and show it off to us!

Thanks! Can't wait!
Jess S.