Saturday, April 13, 2013

"Can ya quilt me a poncho?"

This is just one of the questions we've gotten today at our guild retreat. It hasn't gotten old yet.

I'm live blogging from Princeton. We're down from about 11 to 4 people at 11:39, and it looks like we'll be up for quite a while! Some of us are staying overnight so as long as we can keep our eyes open, we'll be in this room.

 Kristina and Sara revolutionize pressing. Seriously amazed over here.

We're expecting a few more people to be joining us tomorrow afternoon and night.  Woohoo! We've also encountered a loud lacrosse team, confusion at a local restaurant, and quilt sleeve whining.

Also, apparently, our president "likes sewing." This was a random comment made at midnight. I think we're getting tired. :)

-Jess S.