Wednesday, August 8, 2012

July Meeting Recap

Introductions: We went around the table and discussed our favorite season for quilting. Lots of people said "fall" and winter, but there were a few "summer"s in there, and a few "any seasons" as well!
Discussion: We discussed batting, passed around samples, and shared tips. Check out this post for that info, as well as pictures from the Denyse Schmidt workshop!

August 2012 030

August 2012 027

Next, we discussed the workshop and those who attended shared their initial issues with improv piecing and some of their products from the day. Hopefully, I can post some of these pictures on the blog. More will be discussed at our August meeting (this coming Tuesday night!).
Challenge: We shared our hand embroidered projects.

August 2012 026

Show and tell came last, as always. It's always nice to see people bring quilt tops in one month, and bring them in quilted and finished another month! And of course, seeing new projects is always great!

July meeting

July meeting

July meeting
Stay tuned for a posting about our coming August meeting, and for at least one new segment to our blog :)

*I apologize for such a late posting. The official minutes will be up in our BigTent soon!*

-Jess H.