Thursday, March 29, 2012

March Meeting Recap

Our March meeting was busy as usual! We started off by sharing our least successful quilts. I think we all learned something from those experiences! Personally, mine was when I had just started sewing and didn't know anything about pressing fabric... you get the idea. :)

Jessica Levitt, our president, showed us different ways to make half-square triangles. I did not take notes because there were so many different things discussed, but I did find some tutorials to share:
In Color Order <<I've used this one and it works well!
That Girl, That Quilt <<some more of the methods we discussed.
Use Jess's tips and these tutorials for our swap next month! (see below...)

March Swap –  This month, members who participated swapped bags of scraps. There were plenty to go around, thanks to the fact that many participated, and some even brought more than one bag! Thanks ladies! I think we can all agree - new scraps can be inspiring.

March Challenge - members showed their monochromatic challenge quilts (the challenge was to use one color and one neutral). We had a lot of black, white, and grey - beautiful!


We also had our show and tell. Beautiful! You can see all of the photos from the meeting on our Big Tent group.

Next Meeting: April 10, 2012
In April, we'll be having a mini lesson on appliqué with Liz Hawkins.

Swap: Make half square triangles
Bring 4 of the same (identical) 3 ½ x 3 ½ inch half square
triangle squares using 1 light and 1 dark fabric (contrast in value and
with modern fabrics).  For every set of 4 that you bring, you will swap that

Upcoming May challenges:
  1. Use you 1/2 square triangles however you see fit  
  2. Make a mini quilt (less than 24" in any direction)

Also, we have nametags now for official members of our guild -they look great! If you want to learn more about our guest policy and becoming a member, see the "About" tab above.

If you are a member reading this and you have a blog, comment with your blog address and I'll add it to the blog roll on the side of the page. Thanks!

Links you should check out:

Our flickr group - add pictures of your quilts and creations to it! 

Don't forget to check BigTent periodically and to RSVP for the next meeting soon!

Jess H.