Members of the CJMQG have free access to a plethora of sewing books. Please read the guidelines below before reserving a book or adding yourself to the waitlist. Thank you!
The CJMQG library is found on the CJMQG tab of the spreadsheet.
Library Guidelines:
  • You may take out one book per month. 
  • If you need it for a second month in a row, you may only take it out if someone else is not on the waiting list.
  • Books must return at the next guild meeting. You will be sent a reminder before each meeting to those who have a book out.
  • If you anticipate that you will not be there, wait for another time to take a book out, or designate a reliable buddy to bring the book in for you. This system relies on all of us working together!
  • Some books have templates. Please photocopy the template rather than tearing it out of the book. We want these books to be in new condition for years to come.
  • Please respect authors and publishers - do not photocopy book patterns for others.
The Members tab of the spreadsheet lists the member currently holding the quilt frame and personal books members are willing to lend.

Member Guidelines:

  • Members update the status these items.
  • Contact the member listed to borrow items.

If you have a quilting/sewing/craft book you'd like to donate to the library, please email centraljerseymqg(at)gmail(dot)com. In order to keep the library manageable and portable, we are currently only asking for quilting/sewing/craft books published from 2011 forward. Thanks!

- CJMQG Librarian