Monday, August 21, 2017

August meeting recap!

Hello from sticky Central New Jersey! Let's recap our August meeting!

We started bringing in finished blocks for our QuiltCon Charity Quilt. Please return all blocks to Jess S. at the September meeting or make other arrangements to get them back to her ASAP!
01 charity quilt blocks

Lindsay is collecting blue and green 10.5" log cabin blocks for quilts to give to some Bucks County families affected by a recent tragedy. Here are some our members brought in.
02 log cabin blocks for memorials

This month's swap was adorable: PINCUSHIONS!
03 pincushion swap

The Guild Bee made large paper pieced blocks for Juanda:
04 guild bee blocks

The NewBee made blocks for Cathy:
05 newbee blocks

Then, as always, we had Show and Tell:
06 show and tell
07 show and tell08 show and tell
09 show and tell10 show and tell
11 show and tell12 show and tell
13 show and tell14 show and tell
15 show and tell16 show and tell
17 show and tell

And finally, our meeting wrapped up with Juanda giving a demo on how to build a portable design wall out of curtain rods. Thanks, Juanda!
18 demo

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