Monday, November 19, 2018

November Meeting Recap

Hi everyone, it's that time again! First we'd like to remind members that we are accepting dues for 2019, please send them to Christine by December 31. We'd also like to remind you to check your email to join us on Groupworks as a replacement for Bigtent. If you are missing your email invitation, please contact Jamee.

We got a look at our completed QuiltCon Charity Quilt top. Thanks for putting it together, Lindsay!

This meeting, we had a discussion about some of our favorite scrapbuster projects. Some people also suggested ways to organize scraps and what sizes to keep.

As a follow-up to the scrapbuster conversation, Janneke organized a little make-and-take project for us to do. We tied long skinny scraps of green fabric around sticks and trimmed them to make little fir trees. They were really cute!
make and take project

After the break, we had Show and Tell. Lots of interesting and beautiful things to see.

There were two sets of blocks to be turned in for the Guild Bee. First were improvisational Midcentury Modern inspired blocks for Jamee.
Then blocks from the Atomic Starburst pattern by Violet Craft for Laura B. (Some of them were given to her earlier this month at the guild's fall retreat, so that's why there are fewer!)

Thanks and we'll see you next month!

Monday, October 15, 2018

October meeting recap!

Hello all! Time for another meeting recap. First, we'd like to remind members that we are now accepting dues for 2019.

This month was the final chance to turn in blocks for the QuiltCon Charity Quilt, with the theme of small piecing. We had lots of blocks come in!
1 charity quilt blocks
2 charity quilt blocks
3 charity quilt blocks

This is also the last month for the Modern Free Motion Quilting Quilt-A-Long, *sniff*. The theme was Geometrics. Completed sampler quilts are due at the March 2019 meeting, and you could win a prize!
4 fmq qal

Here's what we saw in Show and Tell:
5 show and tell6 show and tell
7 show and tell8 show and tell
9 show and tell10 show and tell
11 show and tell12 show and tell
13 show and tell14 show and tell
15 show and tell

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Modern FMQ QAL: October

I don't know about you, but October (and our meeting tomorrow night - Wed. Oct. 3) snuck up on me! This is the LAST themed month for the Modern FMQ QAL. Please see the QAL page for further instructions on putting your quilt together.

This month's theme is geometrics. It's kind of a catch-all category - try something new with the suggested motifs, or quilt your own geometrics. At this point, you've probably got a few to choose from!

CJMQG members - we will be having a show and tell of samplers at the March 2019 meeting. Finish your sampler to be entered to win a big prize! Thank you so much to everyone for your excitement and participation!

-Jess Skultety
2018 Guild QAL Leader

Thursday, September 20, 2018

September meeting recap!

This month, our meeting was at Pennington Quilt Works. It began with a talk from guest speaker Chawne Kimber of Completely Cauchy. She spoke about her personal history as a quilter and showed us several quilts spanning that time.
1 CK talk
3 CK talk
6 CK talk

Then the regular meeting agenda began.. The blocks for our QuiltCon Charity Quilt have started rolling in. If you intend to make one (or more) they're due in October! Details are available on Bigtent or from Lindsay if you need them.
8 quiltcon charity quilt blocks

Next was this month's Modern Free Motion Quilting Quilt-A-Long. The theme was pebbles and stones.

The Guild Bee sewed Christmas tree blocks for Maureen.
10 guild bee

Then Show and Tell, and lots of it!
11 show and tell12 show and tell
13 show and tell14 show and tell
15 show and tell16 show and tell
17 show and tell18 show and tell
19 show and tell20 show and tell
21 show and tell22 show and tell
23 show and tell24 show and tell
25 show and tell26 show and tell
27 show and tell28 show and tell
30 show and tell31 show and tell
29 show and tell

A special subset of Show and Tell: the students from Janet's Bag Making Boot Camp class and their bags!
32 show and tell bag class33 show and tell bag class
34 show and tell bag class35 show and tell bag class