Tuesday, September 10, 2019

August meeting recap

We started our meeting this month with a lecture about WIPs and UFOs from Heather Kojan! It was warm, funny, and #relatable.
1 heather kojan

The Guild Bee sewed up blocks for Mada this month - some were given to her at our July party, so we have two pictures :)
2 guild bee
3 guild bee

This month's Improv QAL theme was wedges, and July's was triangles, so there were a lot of blocks to hold up.
4 improv qal

Then we had a reusable shopping bag swap. Here are some pictures as we went through...
5 bag swap
6 bag swap
7 bag swap

Earlier in the month, Janet taught a Retreat Bag Workshop. Here are some of the results!
8 retreat bag class

And everyone's favorite time: Show and Tell!
9 show and tell10 show and tell
11 show and tell12 show and tell
13 show and tell14 show and tell
15 show and tell16 show and tell
17 show and tell18 show and tell
19 show and tell20 show and tell

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

June meeting recap

Hello and welcome to another meeting recap post!

We wanted to remind members that any quilts going into the PNQE show must be turned in at the August meeting. The quilt must have a hanging sleeve (or corners for the Pantone challenge), and packed in a bag with your name and info on it. The quilts will be returned at the October meeting.

Our next meeting is our annual summer party. Please check Groupworks for the info and for the food signup!

Several workshops are coming up: the retreat bag (August), maps with Timna Tarr (September), and the fall retreat (November). See Groupworks for more information; send your checks to Christine to reserve your spot.

In August we will also have a reusable grocery bag swap. Janneke showed some examples.
1 shopping bag

The guild made a gift for Laura to celebrate her new baby. Congrats Laura!
2 laura gift

Members shared some pieces from our recent workshop with Sarah Bond.
3 sarah bond4 sarah bond

We had a challenge due for this month: spring-themed pillows!
5 spring pillows 1
6 spring pillows 2

The Guild Bee made improv birch trees for Jess S.
7 guild bee

This month's theme for the Improv QAL was abstract object.
8 improv qal 1
9 improv qal 2

We had a quick group project - new name tags!
10 name tags

Finally, here are the lovely things we saw in this month's Show and Tell.
11 show and tell 112 show and tell 2
13 show and tell 314 show and tell 4
15 show and tell 516 show and tell 6
17 show and tell 718 show and tell 8
19 show and tell 920 show and tell 10
21 show and tell 1122 show and tell 12
23 show and tell 1324 show and tell 14
25 show and tell 1526 show and tell 16

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

May meeting recap

Hello everyone! This month's meeting was held May 8 at Pennington Quilt Works.

Jamee let us know that entries for the Keystone Quilters show in October are open to the public. You can submit quilts using the form found at this link.

Handmade Hopewell, which was mentioned in last month's post, has been rescheduled to Sunday, June 2, 10am-4pm, on Seminary Ave in Hopewell. You'll find some of our members among the vendors!

Signups for the fall retreat are open to members! It's November 1-3, at Hyatt House Branchburg. Please see more details on Groupworks; send checks to Christine to reserve a spot.

We'll have a workshop this summer on the Retreat Bag, led by Janet, who showed some samples to introduce the class.
01 retreat bag workshop

For June's meeting, we've challenged members to make a modern spring-themed pillow. Janneke described and demonstrated a few different methods of creating pillow covers. Jamee added a few instructional links to Groupworks if you need help!
02 pillow demo

This month the completed quilts from the 2018 Bee were due! Great job everyone! There was a raffle prize - finish those quilts for next year!!
03 2018 bee quilts

Speaking of bees, this month's Guild Bee made blocks for Linda.
04 guild bee

Then we had a lot of blocks for our Improv QAL. This month's theme was curves.
05 improv QAL
06 improv QAL
07 improv QAL

Finally, Show and Tell!
08 show and tell09 show and tell
10 show and tell11 show and tell
12 show and tell13 show and tell
14 show and tell15 show and tell
16 show and tell17 show and tell
18 show and tell19 show and tell
20 show and tell