Friday, November 18, 2016

November meeting recap

Hello out there again, all you quilty people!

Reminders for members: dues for 2017 must be paid by December 31. Please note that in 2017, meetings will be held at the Hopewell Presbyterian Church to accommodate our growing guild, starting on January 11.

Now we have a picture or two to tide you over until the December meeting!

Jess S finished quilting our QuiltCon charity quilt, and now it's being labeled and bound.
1 charity quilt update

We had a challenge with the theme of FIVE for the guild's upcoming fifth birthday. Our members had a few different takes on the theme..
2 five challenge2 five challenge
2 five challenge2 five challenge
2 five challenge2 five challenge
2 five challenge

And then the bees!
First, the NewBee made cool scrappy blocks for Mada.
3 NewBee

The Guild Bee made blocks for Jamee. She asked them to make something with a word that reminded them of nature, so I'm posting some closer shots that you can read.
4 guild bee
4 guild bee
5 guild bee

Our Patchwork City Quilt-A-Long participants

And what did we see in Show and Tell? All of this glorious stuff:
7 show and tell7 show and tell
7 show and tell7 show and tell
7 show and tell7 show and tell

Great work! See you next month with your brown bag swap items!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Brown Bag Swap! - December Meeting

At our Tuesday, December 13th, meeting bring the following in a plain brown bag for a blind swap:

3 fat quarters 

1 quilty item you can't live without (not to exceed $10.00)

Note to receiver

You can use social (starts at 6:30 p.m.) and break time at the November meeting to shop for your bag items!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October meeting recap

Our October meeting took place at Pennington Quilt Works on the 11th.

First, another reminder that registration is continuing for our fall retreat November 11-13, which you can read about here. Nonmembers welcome!

REMINDERS FOR MEMBERS: The signups for January's Secret Quilter Gift Exchange are now open, and the form can be accessed through the News section on Bigtent. Please fill this out by November 4 if you wish to participate. Also, dues for 2017 must be paid by December 31.

And now on to the part with the pretty, pretty quilt pictures..

The top for our QuiltCon Charity Quilt has been finished! Next up, Jess S is going to quilt it.
1 charity quilt

Guild member Lindsay is expecting a baby, and the guild got together to surprise her with a baby quilt! Thanks to Meg T for organizing.
2 lindsaypresent12 lindsaypresent2

In September, the guild had a Small Pieces workshop with Chawne Kimber. Here are examples from Laura B and Neva.
3 smallpieces 13 smallpieces 2

This month, Jamee gave us a demo on sewing curves, specifically quarter circles used in drunkard's path blocks. She explained how to line up the pieces, talked about the sort of templates she liked best, and recommended a book. Thanks, Jamee!
4 jamee44 jamee1

Blocks from our Patchwork City Quilt-a-long participants!
5 qal2

The NewBee made these fab 72" blocks for Catherine!
6 newbee2

The Guild Bee made a rainbow of blocks for Linda!
7 guildbee3

For Show and Tell we saw a variety of things:
8 showandtell1
Jamee brought in a top made from bee blocks from another guild.

8 showandtell2
Juanda brought in her quilt made from supersoft kikoy fabric from Kenya.

8 showandtell6
Maggie showed some thread sketches.

8 showandtell108 showandtell11
Lindsay showed her crayon challenge quilt (she missed last month!) and her quilt for Quilts of Valor.

That's all for now. See you in November!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

November Quilt Challenge!!

2016 is the fifth anniversary for our guild, so let's celebrate!

The challenge, due at the November 8th meeting, is to make a quilt with the theme, "Five".
You take it from there! 

Guidelines to be eligible for fabric bundle raffle prizes:

Size: Shortest side is 12" OR contain a minimum of 144 square inches.
Style: Must have a modern aesthetic. (Check the MQG resources page for detailed definition)
Completion: Must be quilted and bound.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

September Meeting Recap

Hello quilty friends, it's time for another meeting recap post!

First, just a reminder that registration continues for the walking foot workshop and November retreat, both of which are available to nonmembers, more info here!

Now there is a lot to show you..

First up, our Patchwork City Quilt-a-long participants brought in their blocks.
Patchwork City Quilt-A-Long

The Crayon Challenge quilts were finally due! If you recall: in June, each participant blindly drew three crayons from a box, and had to complete a quilt from fabrics of those three colors, with one optional neutral. We had a LOT of quilts! It was amazing!
Crayon Challenge 1
Crayon Challenge 2
Crayon Challenge 3
Crayon Challenge 4

The Guild Bee made blocks for Susan.
Guild bee - blocks for Susan

The New Bee made blocks for Michele.
New Bee - blocks for Michele

For this month's demo, Janneke discussed different forms of appliqué and showed many examples.
Demo - Janneke talks appliqueDemo - Janneke talks applique

We had another Member Spotlight, this time with Jessica Skultety describing her quilting journey. She showed everything from her very first quilt (t-shirts) to the one she recently finished for the Crayon Challenge above.
Member Spotlight - Jessica Skultety
Member Spotlight - Jessica SkultetyMember Spotlight - Jessica Skultety
Member Spotlight - Jessica SkultetyMember Spotlight - Jessica Skultety
Member Spotlight - Jessica SkultetyMember Spotlight - Jessica Skultety
Member Spotlight - Jessica SkultetyMember Spotlight - Jessica Skultety

The meeting closed out with another great Show and Tell!Show and Tell - Jamee
Show and Tell - JuandaShow and Tell - Connie
Show and Tell - JannekeShow and Tell - Lee
Show and Tell - LynnShow and Tell - Jessica S
Show and Tell - Laura BShow and Tell - Jessica L