Sunday, November 1, 2015

Day Passes Now Available for CJMQG Fall Retreat!

Day passes for the weekend of November 13-15 are now available:

Friday  - 3 spots
Saturday - 1 spot
Sunday - 2 spots

Cost is $30 for members and $35 non-members. 
(Limit 1 spot per person for the weekend)
Note: One whole weekend spot at $70 for members and $90 non-members is still available (Fri - Sun). See all info here.
Please send an email to Neva (n.asinari(at)gmail(dot)com) to secure your spot.

Payment must be received by the November 10th meeting to hold your spot!  If you are unable to attend our treasurer, Kristina, must have receipt of your payment prior to the 10th. Email Neva for Kristina's address.

Thank you!

-Neva A. and Jess S.

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