Tuesday, March 17, 2015

CJMQG Modern Quilt Exhibit at QuiltFest of NJ XI 2015

This year, we were honored to be asked back to the Quilt Fest of NJ for a second Modern Quilts exhibit. The show took place from March 5-8, 2015. We hope that our modern quilts gave attendees food for thought and that they inspired them to think outside the box!

We couldn't have participated without the help of our volunteers! Members voted anonymously on all submissions from the guild (using a scale that measured various elements of modern quilting with one likability question). These volunteers also set up and took down the exhibit. Thank you everyone for your help!

Here were all the quilts in our exhibit. Our members are so talented!

 "Swirling Stars" and "Radiation" (from left to right) - both by Neva Asinari

"Autumn Circles" by Sandy Mahaney (CJMQG bee quilt from 2014)

"Candy Coated Raindrops" by Laura Bennett and "Slices of Life" by Teddi Munslow

 "Low Volume Bars" by Sandy Mahaney

 "Somewhere Under" by Jessica Levitt and "Big Tube" by Janneke Van Der Ree

 "Loosen Up, Bookkeeper" by Krishma Patel

"Home" by Jessica Skultety

"Thoroughly Modern Quilt" by Jamee Pemberton

 "Grange" by Elaine Hagaman, "Untitled" by Janneke Van Der Ree, "A New Direction" by Elaine Hagaman

 "Untitled" by Kathy Stanish

"Scatter" by Jessica Skultety and "LOVE" by Lori Saporito

"Pinwheels" by Kathleen Schwartz and "Pixie Sticks" by Jessica Skultety

 "Juxtapose" by Krishma Patel and "Centered" by Jessica Levitt

"Untitled" by Jessica Levitt and "Dreaming of Japan" by Lori Saporito

Hope you enjoyed the virtual quilt show! Thanks again to Mancuso for the invitation. Be sure to check out our 2014 exhibit here.

-Jess S.

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