Sunday, April 28, 2013

Healing Boston

There are a couple of great efforts in the modern quilt world to help heal Boston.

Quilts for Boston

One is through the Boston Modern Quilt Guild. They are asking for quilt blocks by May 24 to make modern, bright, and cheerful quilts (in the colors of blue, yellow, gray, and white). The wonderful Lori Saporito has volunteered to collect any blocks made by our guild at the May meeting - if you can make one, it would be appreciated, I'm sure.

Here's the link to the Boston MQG's post (size requirements, explanation, etc.).
Here's the Flickr group, which currently shows blocks people are working on all over the world.

Finally, there's an effort through the Vancouver MQG to send flags to Boston.

To Boston With Love 

You can make a piece of a penant/flag that will hang in Boston. The deadline is May 21. Check out the blog post for more details.

Let's continue to keep Boston in our thoughts.

-Jess S.

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