Do 52 Quilt-a-Long

The inspiration for this project came from the 100 day project, which is an initiative to create each day for 100 days, with the benefit of growing as a creative artist in one form or another.  Because 100 days every day seems a bit daunting, we selected instead to create a weekly project for one year, i.e. DO52! 

DO52 Rules
1. Select a project you would like to do for 52 consecutive weeks in 2020.  Starting Jan 1 and ending Dec 31, 2020.  Do your project, one each week, for 52 consecutive weeks. See some ideas and examples below in the resource section to help you select your project.
Because we are a Quilt Guild, it is suggested to select some sort of quilting project, BUT that is not a requirement.  For Example, you may want to improve your cooking skills, and choose to make one new recipe each week to add to your repertoire, that is OK!

2. Have a backup plan for those weeks that you cannot do your project, for example, say you are making a post card quilt each week, if you cannot do it for a certain week, make a digital version instead, then later, go back and actually make it when you can.

3. Stop if the project makes you crazy!

4. Post a photo of your work on Instagram at:  #do52qal2020 and #CJMQG and if you choose, #do52qal2020(add your initials here).  This is for your own records and also so others may follow your work too.  Also, on your first posting, post what your specific project and rules/prompts will be for the do52 project duration.

5. Bring your weekly examples from the previous month to the guild meetings each month for show and tell.  

6. Participants who stuck it out for at least half of a year (i.e. 28 weeks), will have a chance for a nice give-a-way at year end.

The 100 Day Project: This link will introduce you to the 100 day project idea of unearthing your unrealized creativity.

Success tips with your project: This Link will help you with choosing your specific project and provides you with tips to best prepare you to be able to stick with the plan to the end.

The 100 Day Project:
Michael Bierut, the originator of the 100 day project:

Some Project Examples:

Debbie Grifka, a modern quilter:

·         Her 2017 project gallery: or on Instagram: #100daydg   2017 was her first year of doing the 100 day project.  She chose to make a 10 inch square quilt each day for 100 days.  She used prompts that she chose randomly the day before to incorporate into her next design. (Circles/semi-circles, Diamonds, Improv, Letters, Lines Ovals, Pictures, Rectangles, Squares, Triangles) If she was away and could not make a quilt, she made a design digitally and posted, later she went back and made those digital versions.  She posted her quilts every day.

·         Her 2018 project postings on Instagram: #dg100daysofapplique for 2018 she chose to make a 4x6 postcard quilt using only black and white fabric.  She did not use prompts this year, she used white backgrounds and appliqued black bias lines.

·         Her 2019 project postings on Instagram: #mostlymonochromaticdg  for 2019 for this year she chose 11 colors and will be working on 6 inch squares, she will make 9 pieces in each color.  They will be mostly monochromatic with one contrasting color allowed, but not required.  Each piece will be mounted on a canvas frame.  She will work with one color at a time, first 9 days will be using RED.

Cheryl Sleboda, a quilter. 

This is the link to her blog:

·         Link to her artwork gallery with weekly quilts for 5 separate years:

·         Link to her weekly quilts, year 1-2007

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